A cursory glance at current events.

Image for Qasem Soleimani

Qasem Soleimani

At least 84 fowk ur killt in bombins in Kerman, Iran, durin a ceremony commemoratin the assassination o Qasem Soleimani.

Qasem Soleimani wis an Iranian Major general in the Islamic Revolutionary Gaird Corps (IRGC) an syne 1998 commander o its Quds Force—a diveesion primarily responsible for extraterritorial militar an hidlins operations.

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Image for Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport

Japan Airlines Flicht 516 (wreckage picturt) collides wi a Japan Coast Guard airplane at Tokyo's Haneda Airport, killin five on the latter aircraft.

Tokyo Internaitional Airport , commonly kent as Haneda Airport or Tokyo Haneda Airport , is ane o the twa primary airports that serve the Greater Tokyo Aurie in Japan. It is locatit in Ōta, Tokyo, 14 km (8.7 mi) sooth o Tokyo Station.

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Image for Busan


Lee Jae-myung, the heid o the Sooth Korean opposition, is pit intae the infirmary efter a stabbin attack in Busan.

Busan, umwhile spelled Pusan is Sooth Korea's seicont lairgest metropolis efter Seoul, wi a population o aroond 3.6 million. It is the lairgest port ceety in Sooth Korea an the fift lairgest port in the warld. The ceety is locatit on the sootheastrenmaist tip o the Korean peninsula an faces the Korea Strait. The maist densely biggit up auries o the ceety are situatit in a nummer o nairae valleys atween the Nakdong River an Suyeong River, wi muntains separatin some o the destricts. Admeenistratively, it is designatit as a Metropolitan Ceety. The Busan metropolitan aurie is dividit intae 15 major admeenistrative destricts an a single coonty.

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Image for Japan


sovereign island naition in Eastren Asie

An earthquake hits the Noto Peninsula in Japan, lea'in at least 84 fowk deed an 179 ithers amissin.

Japan is a sovereign island naition in Eastren Asie. Locatit in the Paceefic Ocean, it lies off the eastren coast o the Asie Mainland an stretches frae the Sea o Okhotsk in the north tae the East Cheenae Sea an Taiwan in the soothwast.

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Image for Nigerie


state in Wast Africae

In Nigerie, bandits kill at least 200 fowk in Plateau State.

Nigerie, offeecially the Federal Republic o Nigerie, is a federal constitutional republic comprisin thirty-sax states an its Federal Caipital Territory, Abuja. The kintra is locatit in Wast Africae an shares laundmairches wi the Republic o Benin in the wast, Chad an Cameroon in the east, an Niger in the north. Its coast in the sooth lies on the Gulf o Guinea on the Atlantic Ocean. The three lairgest an maist influential ethnic groups in Nigerie are the Hausa, Igbo an Yoruba. In terms o releegion Nigerie is roughly split hauf an hauf atween Muslims an Christians wi a vera sma minority wha practise traditional releegion.

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